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How To Contact Pogo Customer Service Number ?

How To Contact Pogo Customer Service Number ?

Hello Everyone

Pogo Games Have more than 5 million registered users including Free Users And  Club Pogo Members. With this Kind of Big Customer Base, it is Only Bound to have a Need for Good Customer service.  We have Observed that hundreds of Users are Looking for Pogo Phone Support Number & Pogo Customer service each day. This Guide Will Enable you to contact Pogo Customer Support in an easy way. Let’s Go And Understand Your Problem And Get you Connected with Pogo Tech support.

Let’s Ask Few Basic questions Why You may be Needing Pogo Support.

Do You Need Help With Your pogo Account, password, Billing, and Game support?

Would You Like to Talk to Pogo tech support Or You Are just Comfortable With Chat Support? If You Need Any Help With your club pogo Membership Or Games Pogo Support Can always Help you to recover And Troubleshoot your pogo account. You can Fix Pogo sign in Problems in simple steps

Contact Pogo Tech Support-

In March 2001 The Electronic Arts Bought the Based On their Investment. And within the last few Years Its Been hard to reach pogo tech support.

We Have learned the Case And Found a way to Make it Easy For You To Contact Pogo Support.

Let’s Get Started And Get to In Touch with pogo support.

1. First Go to Website  And Select Pogo Game.

2. If You Couldn’t Find That Than Please Visit 

select your platform

3. Now Select Your Platform And Select Topic With Your Issue 

select topic and issue of pogo

4. Now Click On Select Contact option. in the next step, You Will Have to Login with your Pogo username password. Just in case if you fail to login Using Your Pogo account please click On Create a new Account Or If You are having Loading Issues Then visit Why Pogo games are not loading & How to fix it 

sign in your pogo account

5. Now Once You created Your New Ea account and Please go to Live Chat And Explain Your Problem to Support People.

Recommended support option

6. They Will Verify Your information and Guide you to fix Your Pogo Problems.

We hope this Will Allow You some peace of mind And Get you the Help you Needed with Your Pogo Support.

Pogo Support Phone Number –

Since Pogo Support Do Not have their Direct Number Or Customer Helpline to Reach out We Can Recommend You Going  The Above Process to Get Pogo Support.

However, There are Many third Party Support Providers Who Can Help You Fix Your Pogo Games Related Problem For a nominal cost.

We Hope this May Help You Get Pogo Customer Care And Fix your Pogo Game Problems

🙂 Please Comment Below and let us know if you need any other help Or Support with your pogo games.

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Why Pogo Games is Not Loading? Fix Pogo Loading issue

Why Pogo Games is Not Loading? Fix Pogo Loading issue

Hello Everyone,

Let’s Get Started By Knowing Bit of introduction for Pogo Games.

Playing games is the best way of entertainment from the very beginning of the human race. People are playing different games from thousands of years for their entertainment which are based on things related to the community in which they are living.

The invention of computer gaming technology hiked the gaming experience to a whole new level. The individuals can now play without doing any physical work and can get a similar experience as physical games.

The virtual gaming experience touched new heights after the invention of online gaming. This means the user can now play games with the help of his computer device which is present on the internet. it’s easy to Recover Pogo Account password if this is the issue you have.

Unlike offline games in which only a single or sometimes two players can play, online games can offer a multi-player gaming experience.

Understanding Pogo Game And Its Features

pogo games loading issue is one of the biggest and oldest online gaming websites present on the internet. It provides more than 100 casual games from big computer gaming brands like PopCap Games, Hasbro, etc.

The site was initially launched as a Total entertainment network in the year 1994 but later converted to which is exclusively for online gaming later on in the year 2001; Electronic Arts brought the website from its original buyers at $40 million. offers a best in class online gaming experience to its users by providing a huge number of games in all the genres from all the leading gaming companies.

The website offers the games free of cost as it earns by the advertisements given by it on the websites. There are commercials that occur during the gameplay which can last for almost 20 seconds. As to get rid of them, the user has to become a club member on the website.

Why Pogo Game Refuse to Load

Games are played for the pleasure and entertainment which the player gets during the gameplay. Imagine you got an excellent computer system along with high-end speakers, mouse, and other computer peripherals and you made your mind play some games on to get some relief and joy but when you open the website, selects a game and open it. if you having trouble with pogo Login then check your credentials.

A message appears that the game is unable to load, all your excitement got vanished, and all of your joy became a disappointment. Well, this is a situation no gamer wants in his life. is a vast interface, and sometimes some technical error occurs while playing the games on the website.

Pogo games loading issue is one of a major issue for Pogo Users but We are facing several issues. There are multiple reasons for this like because of the browser or because of Java or adobe flash on which the game runs. The browser might not be compatible with the websites like the new versions of Google Chrome doesn’t support the technology used in

Another major source of the problem is that the user might be using the older version of java or adobe flash. After doing tons of research, we are here with some basic solutions for resolving the loading problem of pogo games. You can always Contact Pogo Customer service for any Additional Help.

 Troubleshooting Pogo Games Loading Issue

pogo games loading issue

First, we will start simple And Easy Steps to Fix Pogo Game Loading problem –

Refresh Or Restart the system

This is one of the easiest methods of solving the pogo game loading issues. When you open the game, and nothing happens, press the shift key of your keyboard and try to reload the page either by your mouse or by pressing the F5 key.

This action will force your browser to neglect the cache present in it and use the version of the page present on the servers of You Can Also Try Rebooting Your System and see if that helps you to solve the issue.

Clear the browser’s cache –

First of all, clear the cache from the browser. For that follow the instructions below-

  1. Open the settings of your browser
  2. Open the history of your browser
  3. Click on clear history
  4. A list of checkboxes will appear along with the history of the browser, one such box is named cache. Click on it
  5. Click on the Delete button.

This will clean the cache present in your browser. Now restart the browser and open the website. Now open the game you want to play and check whether it is a flash-based game or a java-based game.

In both cases, delete their respective cache, which is in the case of a Java-powered game clear the java cache and in the case of the flash-enabled game clear the flash cache.

Try another browser

If the above methods do not work, then you are left with no choice except to change your browser with a different one.

Most internet users use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and internet explorer but there exist a lot of browsers on the web which can help you out. Surf on the internet and find the best alternative browser according to your needs.

Get a new version of JAVA

This might be possible that there is no fault in the web browser you are using, but there is an error in the JAVA software you are using. First of all, remove the old version of JAVA by following the steps.

  1. Press Windows key+r, a dialogue box will appear. Write appwiz.cpl.
  2. Uninstall your JAVA from there.
  3. Download the latest version of Java from
  4. Install the software
  5. Restart your browser to enable the new JAVA.

Check Internet Speed –

Sometimes it’s Your Slow Internet that may cause your Pogo Games to Have Problem While Loading. figure out the Login Ip & of Your Router to access & Login Router Settings & make sure Your Internet Speed it Fine Or Check the Internet Speed at

Redefine your screen resolution –

This is not a common error seen while playing games on but sometimes this can also be the reason behind the loading issues of the game. This error usually occurs on the old computer with low-

resolution monitors, the ideal resolution for a club pogo member is 1024 x 768 and 1152 x 864 for a free pogo member. The resolution of your screen must not be less than this. If the resolution of the display is less than the minimum requirements, then change them from the settings of your computer.

These are the main issues that occur while playing games on Now you have a detailed description of the problems as well as their solutions. Go to and resolve the problem while loading the game using one of these methods and enjoy the endless games provided by the website for free.

We Hope Your pogo games loading issue has been solved. follow us on pogo tech support we’ll provide some further information for pogo games related issues.

Please Comment Below and let us know if you need Any other Help With Your Pogo Games Loading Issue Related Problems. 😉

We Thank You For Reading Good Luck. 🙂