pogo has over 5 million users who enjoy games on an almost daily basis. with the vast number of paid club Pogo members comes queries and grievances. there are many issues that require help from the support team. it is really important to keep your payment method for club membership updated.

if one fails to update the payment method it may cause your premium membership to be disabled. now there are few other Queries also that would require you to contact pogo technical support such as –

Pogo Billing Support Number

  • Payment to Club Pogo Membership is declined or not accepted.
  • outdated credit or debit card Problem
  • Club Pogo Membership is expired
  • want to change the different payment method
  • change in subscription duration for a better plan
  • Refund and cancellation-related issues.

Nobody likes to get disturbed while playing their favorite Pogo games. fans of amazing Pogo games are in big numbers who play Pogo games each day for hours for various reasons. in elderly age, even doctors recommend playing online easy and fun games for brain exercise.

change payment methods

to keep your hard-earned badges, Gems, and tokens to your self always make sure that your payment methods are updated and accurate with Club Pogo membership. somehow if your membership gets declined contact ea Pogo support number for quick assistance for your games subscription.

Pogo accepts most major credit or debit cards for the billing methods but one can also pay with a PayPal account with a verified card, saving account, or checking account.

one can pay monthly/Quarterly/Yearly for your membership with a discount. in case you need to cancel your pogo membership, the tech team can also help you deactivate the pogo account and process a refund.

Most of the billing-related service and feature topics can be obtained just by going to the account settings of pogo games. just log in with the account & change the settings or call pogo toll-free support for help.

How to Directly Contact Pogo Customer Service?

pogo games are purchased and managed by EA Games(Electronic Arts) and there is no direct way to contact pogo phone number for help. there are mostly 2 methods to get help.

you can connect with live chat or schedule a call back from the team. contact pogo customer service will not only help you with billing-related problems it will also help you fix pogo games not working or loading problems. here is how you can get assistance

pogo billing support options

Live chat Help – this is probably the best method to get help for pogo games. just go to https://help.ea.com/en/pogo/pogo/ and follow on-screen instructions to get help.

Email chat support – if you have pogo sign in problems then you can request the password request link to your email. for other issues email support is not really the way to go. 

hoping all of this information would really help resolve any trouble with the pogo account.