9 thoughts on “How to Fix Pogo Login Issue ?

  1. Pogo is not sending me the emails so I can recover my account. I know which email account it is hooked up with, but I don’t remember what my user name is nor my password as I have not used this account for a couple of years. Is it possible to get my account reactivated?

  2. I cannot log in to pogo. I keep receiving an error message telling me my password is incorrect even though it has not changed since registering my account. In addition, when making a request to reset my password I receive a message that my user name is incorrect. When I finally receive the link to reset my password and I change my password and attempt to log in again, I still receive a message that my password is incorrect.

  3. Need someone to contact me regarding my account. It’s been awhile since I logged in and I have totally forgot my log in information. I don’t want to start a new account because I don’t want to lose all my points. Thank you!

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